What is Mahre in Iran

How Is The Mahreh Demanded? How Can A Lawyer Apply For A Meal?

In this article, we want to explain the connection between Mahri and the circumstances of the demand for Mahriya by the woman and the manner in which Mahri's lawsuit is filed.


  1. What is Mahir (Definition of Mahri)
  2. The History of the Treasure
  3. Mahrish and its conditions (sealing conditions)
  4. Mahre in Islam
  5. Mhrih when able (when unable)
  6. The amount of dowry and all kinds of dowry
  7. Demand Request
  8. Get a feast after the husband died
  9. Forgiving darling
  10. The new prison law for Mahri (Mahir's law in year 96)
  11. Procedures for soliciting meer through a lawyer
  12. What is the cost of a lawyer for Mahre?


Mahiryah - Definition Of Mahri

Mehriya means the cabin and sex that is married at the time of marriage to a husband, and in the legal term is also the seal or financial soundness of which the woman is the owner of the marriage and the man is required to pay it to the woman.


The History Of The Treasure

Researchers consider the history of Mahrei as a contemporary era of Islam, although there is evidence that in the pre-Islamic era and in other rituals there are some cases in which a groom paid a bride (in the form of money or ...). 


Mahrish And Its Conditions (Sealing Conditions)

When marrying a marriage contract , the man gives something to his wife as a "dowry". Like "mahr" is paid by the man and is in some way a woman's divorce.

The amount of dowry depends on the agreement between the male and the male, and a certain amount is not considered for it.

Also, anything that can be put on economic value can be considered as a dowry.

  In general, Mahri has something to be owned.


Mahre In Islam

Mehr is known as a payment without payment in Islam, which is a man.

Dowry in Islam , there are different kinds of sentence " October Almsmy ", " mahrolmesl ", "Mhralmth "


Mhrih When Able (When Unable)

Mahriyeh Endat Elazatlah is said to be a mahrieh that if a woman requests a dowry, she must prove to the court that the man has the ability and ability to pay for the payment of the dowry.

The wage bill is considered to be a legal entitlement for a man so that a woman does not pay the spouse under any circumstances, on the other hand, the costs of proceedings are the responsibility of the woman. Therefore, there is a woman who must file a lawsuit in Pay for the payment.

In recent years, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard has been criticized by the community of women's rights defenders.


The Amount Of Dowry And All Kinds Of Dowry

As stated above, the amount of money is agreed upon and can be gold, silver, money, real estate, and so on.


Demand Request

A woman can apply for a divorce by visiting the marriage office or the marriage office. She also has the ability to record and detain the man's property.

The woman can also apply for a summons to her court, and then she will be given a petition to pay her a divorce, which can give her a lawyer a lawyer .

Note that there are also costs for the stamp revocation and the attorney's right to pay a fee to pay attention to.


Get A Feast After The Husband Died

It is also possible that a woman can apply for her own dowry after the death of her husband.

In this area, be sure to consult a family lawyer and divorce , and then file a lawsuit .


Forgiving Darling

A woman can give her husband a man (a couple) because she owns a mahr, so she can forgive or not.

Of course, note that with the forgiveness of the Mahre, the man is abandoned for payment under the circumstances.

There are also circumstances in which a woman can answer her forgiven (referenced in the term).


The New Prison Law For Mahri (Mahir's Law In Year 96)

According to the newest law, for Mahri, 110 coins are set, which, when collected, will create the following conditions:

1) If at the time of signing the contract, up to 110 coins are equal or equal to full-year salary, the collection is subject to the provisions of article (2) of the law on the execution of financial convictions; that is, a woman can claim this amount by law and in case of non-payment, the court can In the opinion of the woman, he arrested the man.

  2. The second state of the matter is that, if the dowry is more than this amount, in the case of surplus, only the financial ability of the man is the payment criterion. If the man is not able to pay, more than 110 coins are not subject to the law of execution of financial convictions and the imprisonment of the man follows It will not have. In this way, property must be introduced and the dowry is collected from it.

 Consequently, unlike some people's thoughts, more than 110 coins are not forgiven, but for the man they are not imprisoned. Excluding the law of executing fines in surplus for 110 coins does not mean that if you acquire a man's property, you will not be able to earn money.


Procedures For Soliciting Meer Through A Lawyer

A woman can refer to this matter by consulting and consulting with a lawyer from a court of law and family lawyer (or legal counsel on marriage and divorce).

She will deliver her documents and documents to her. He will take the lawyer's office for the magic court (set up the power of attorney).

The attorney will follow the process after referral to the court. In this case, the presence of women in the court is not mandatory .


What Is The Cost Of A Lawyer To Get A Sum Of Money?

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