Lawyer for prisoner

Getting A Lawyer From A Prisoner (Getting A Lawyer For Prisoners)

For people who are still in prison, there is also the possibility of obtaining a lawyer in prison, 
in such a way that relatives or acquaintances of the prisoner first come to the lawyer's office and ask for a petition, and after consulting the lawyer, visit the prison, and after meeting with The prisoner receives the relevant lawyer.

The prisoner himself can also arrange for a lawyer from the prison, and then assign the lawyer to one of his relatives, and then go to the lawyer's office and apply for the conclusion of a contract and a lawyer for a prisoner.


Conditions Of Visiting A Prisoner  (Terms Of Visiting In Prisons)

Meetings with detainees are the rights of the prisoner and their families. In this case, the prisoner should have a good morals, without any tension and chaos during his presence in prison.

Therefore, members of the family of a prisoner, such as a spouse, child and parent, as well as a lawyer, can meet with him / her. Prisoners and others should be allowed to provide judicial authorities with the necessary evidence.

People who want to see a prisoner must have documents such as the National Card Card. The attorney must also have a power of attorney.


Attorney's Attorney For Prisoners

First of all, we propose to read the following in relation to the types of power of attorney:

What is a power of attorney? How to write a power of attorney?

Attorneys at law with a letter of attorney from a prisoner for the protection of their judicial and human rights can obtain a written permission from a judge or a judge supervising their client.

This appointment must be at the administrative hours of the prison, after visiting a lawyer and immitting his power of attorney from the prisoner who is his client, to the prison officer, visit his client outside the public meeting room, and if he is not allowed to meet with Prisoner or special circumstances of the accused, meet with a prisoner under specific circumstances under the authority of the judicial authority. 


When writing a power of attorney for a prisoner, it is also necessary to consider the prisoner's rightsand rights . For example, after writing the first name and surname and the name of the prisoner's father, the prisoner's penitentiary (residence), in order to prevent further legal mistakes, the name of the prison and the prison room also Even if the prisoner in which he is located is temporary.

At the end of the prisoner's power of attorney , the power of attorney must, in addition to the signature of the client (prisoner), also have the signature of the boss and the prison officer.


 How To Meet A Lawyer With A Prisoner

As mentioned before, the lawyer should provide the prison judge and the judge with the evidence, such as the lawyer's detention order and the principle of his national card, to request a visit to the prisoner.


 How To Request A Visit To A Prisoner

Dependents and imprisoned families also have the right to file a prisoner's appointment with the prisoner in their office hours and the timetable for visiting prisoners.

Meetings with prisoners will be held at public halls during appointment.


 Days Of Meeting With Prisoners

 The days of meeting with prisoners should be visible in the prison. Therefore, you can visit the days and hours of your visit from Joya Prison officials.

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